USB HID Device support for Pi PICO in Micro Python?

I just got my Pi PICO RGB Keypad Base. On the package it says
“Using USB HID, you can turn the RGB Keypad into a customizable, controlable keypad to send commands to a PC, Mac or Raspberry Pi.”
I’m wondering how this is done though? It appears that there is no USB HID device support in Micro Python? If it’s there I can’t find it or any info on how to implement it?
I’d be very happy to be proved wrong and pointed in the right direction though.
@hel @gadgetoid

Defective keypad maybe? The RGB Keypad Base Micro Python file runs just fine?

Pico RGB Keypad Base support in CircuitPython - Support - Pimoroni Buccaneers

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EDIT: It looks like I have a defective RGB Keypad Base. I have two here, one had a defective LED, and the replacement that was sent for that defective one.
I just swapped the replacement for the original and the code in the other thread is working in Circuit Python with no i2c error message. Both of these bases run the Micro Python without error.

EDIT: Fixed my not working one. I soldered two 4.7 K pull up resistors on, one on GP4 to 3.3v and one on GP5 to 3.3v. Working now.