Use Ble sensror instead of gpio sensor

Is it possible to use an ble gyro / acc sensor instead of the invirophat and How?
Kind regards, Ramasen

I mean, it’s technically possible but unlikely to be that easy…

Do you have a Bluetooth IMU in mind?

I would recommend following this tutorial using a TI SensorTag as one way of approaching it. The tutorial has instructions for using the light sensor, and as far as I can tell from TI’s pretty lacklustre website, it does have a gyro and accelerometer on board so you ought to be able to modify it.

They look like pretty nice pieces of kit actually… though from experience the support might be mixed.

I already have a metawear RG development board.
In time i’ll maybe use a different imu but for Now, this is it.
Now to figure out How to call/import both libraries to work together 😏