Question re ICM20948 9DoF Motion Sensor Breakout

Hi all

Just checking before I order. Will this be able to do the following?

  • Detect motion - looks like yes
  • Detect rate of motion - looks like a yes
  • Detect its orientation. Laying flat, standing up, open its edge etc?

Intention is to connect to a RPi and use the Python libraries.

Thanks in advance.

The shortest possible answer is: It will do all that, yes.

I have an ICM20949 it’s very well designed module. Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer. All work splendidly, in one tiny part.

Could you share a little more information about how you intend to use the sensor, please. What’s your use case scenario? The forum might be able to advise better with this info shared.

Thanks, don’t really know the use case, more of a play thing. I want to know if the RPi has been moved, how fast it was moved, which direction it is facing, is it now laying flat or standing up etc. All just for fun and a learning experience.

Okay, I understand. It will meet those needs, certainly.
The github examples linked product page will get you started.

Thank you. From what I read, I thought it would, but wanted to make sure.

If you hook it up via a QWICC cable you can just manipulate it in your hand. Holding it by the edges of course. ;) No having to move the pi around.
Just solder the female header that comes with the breakout onto this.
Breakout Garden to STEMMA QT / Qwiic Adapter (
Then plug that into the GPIO and link it all up with a cable.
4 Pin JST-SH Cable (Qwiic, STEMMA QT, Qw/ST) – JST-SH to JST-SH (200mm) (

If you get the Breakout garden Hat or mini, no soldering required, just plug it all together.
Breakout Garden Mini (I2C) (

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Just my tuppence here. Not casting shade at anyone. Please don’t feel attacked in anyway. 😀

For stability of the sensor, and they really are very sensitive. The BOG hat would provide the most stable platform for accurate measurements.

Quick example: A different IMU granted. But still an accelerometer:

The Pi Sense Hat is another good learning tool to consider. (Hope i’m not robbing a sale from our hosts 😬 I did buy my sense hat from Pimoroni)

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This is one of the few Breakout Garden sensors that I don’t own. I had no idea if was that sensitive?

I like the Breakout Garden Pi Hats and Pico Packs. Great for testing and tinkering with, without having to solder on any headers. ;)

I have one of the original V1 Sense Hats. I learned a lot, coding wise with it. One of my all time best investments.

Hard agree. I started as a complete pythonic novice with the sense hat. It’s a brilliant learning tool. (I am still however a complete novice!)

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One thing that really helps with the learning and coding on the Sense Hat is that it is very well supported and documented Python wise. That really lessens the head banging lol.