User "pimoroni" password (Pi Zero)

I have just noticed that there is a user account names “pimoroni” on my Raspberry Pi Zero.
Where will I find the passowrd for that account? I am certain that I didn’t cteate that account myself.


Some of the Pimoroni software installers will create a Pimoroni folder. Is that what you have noticed?

Thanks for the reply.
Thus far the only software I have installed on that RPi is the Enviro+ project. I can’t imagine that the user “Pimeroni” was created by Raspbian Buster, so maybe it was the Enviro+ installation. But it is in the /home directories, looking for all the world like User. But there doesn’t seem to be any reference to Pimoroni, either as a User or even a directory, in the Enviro+ project installer. Incidentally, the Pimoroni home directory holds the demo programs etc for Enviro+ so it is almost certainly created by that project.
But no info on a password either.

I’m no expert, but I don’t think the presence of that folder necessary means there is a user account to go with it. I have seen it on several of my Pi’s and I know its the Pimoroni installers that create it. Usually it has the example python files in it for what ever the installer was for.