Using a dual shock 3 controller, can't EXIT Mame in Retropie?


I wonder if somebody can help me, I’ve managed to get a PS controller working via Bluetooth in Retropie. I can play all games no problem, button mappings also work for Emulationstation.

I can Exit all Emulators, Nintendo, Megadrive etc using the standard hotkeys, Select + Start but can’t EXIT Mame whatsoever. The hotkeys don’t work.

I know I’ll probably need to edit one of the RetroArch config files but I’m not sure which one.

Can anybody help me please?



Are you on the latest version of retropie? There were significant differences in the dualshock 3 software between 3.8.1 and subsequent 4.x versions.

Yes, 3.81…

Is there an easy way to upgrade? I’m still very new to all things pi?



Have a look here [] ( there are a couple of ways to do it but if you’re new to it, it’s good to muddle through. Just make sure you’ve got a backup of your ROMs somewhere…

Hi, I’ve updated to 4.1 but it’s still the same. All working perfectly except whenever I enter MAME I can’t EXIT whatsoever.

Hello, I got it working, I was using Mame4all and I realised it’s not supported by RetroArch, swapped my ROMs over and hey presto it’s working!

Thanks for your help monglet

Hi, I came across below recently, the page is regarding setting up dual PS3 controllers on an older version of RetroPie but the PS button exit mapping should still work (although I haven’t tried it myself yet).

In retroarch.cfg add :-

input_exit_emulator_btn = “16”

more details here