Hi there guy and girl
I am new to raspberry pi and have found it hard to set it up, but final my button screen and joystick are up and running.
I am trying now to get rom on to a usb and get my rasper pi to read it so I can finally start playing game after setting it up for 3 days.
I have Wi-Fi a rasper berry pi 3 b+ can any one help at all.

Hi, we can’t help you get roms. If you’ve any other issues though please let us know and we’ll help where we can.

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Great I am looking for some mame and Sega mega drive game or a completion of games. If you can help at all would be great

I can’t seem to get mame game on my picade they don’t seem to work can any body help

Hi there wondering matt can you help trying to get mame game to run on my picade with rasper pi 3b +. I get the title of the game and the name log, but that’s it.

Hi, that’s not much to go on I’m afraid. I assume emulationstation loads, do you see the emulator you want? If so, can you select it and get the game list up? If so, what happens when you try to load the game?

I get the mame sign up and the game list but all it does is led me click on the game black screen come up and then it goes back to the list. I am only looking for street fighter 2 on mame

Matt got any problem with my retrope pi it lost 2 arcade game, but will not load the other it keep on saying image has no exif data what does it mean on retropie 3 b + can you help real don’t know what to do next. I am really getting into this it amazing.

if you have your own roms on a usb follow retropi’s info on how to put them into retro pi using a windows computer .it worked for me .

I have set up my usb exactly like that got 2 game to work but the rest are not don’t know what I need to do next

not sure what to do, mine all worked ,and i’m no expert ,maybe i was just lucky, it might be an issue with the roms

Do you know of a good site to go to for the rom

Antz, please stop asking for links to roms. We can help you get things working on the Picade, if you give us more information, but any discussion involving piracy (or potential piracy) is not welcome, thanks.

I have locked this topic since it’s not productive and violates our stance and rules on ROM requests detailed here- Picade Forum Rules