I need serious help

I am a raspberry pi noob and know no linux.

I got everything to work on an 8 GB sd card. Retropie is running and my mame games are working great.

The problem is I have a large collection of roms and need a 64 GB sd card to work with retropi and my raspberry pi3.
I can’t seem to get roms to start on a 64Gb SD card. Not sure how to set this up.

f4 in raspberry pi shows that the full sd card is available, but the file structure thingy shows only the 4 gig partition i originally created with an fdisk tool as being available.

I moved a few roms over and each one gives me files missing errors.

I know next to nothing about linux, but I can follow instructions. I just haven’t found anything on the net that will tell me in a step by step fashion how to set up a 64 GB micro sd card for retropie and how to get roms moved onto it so that they will play.

I really appreciate your time in reading this and any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

I am using a raspberry pi 3 and retropie. I have a sandisc 64 GB micro sd card.

Thank you,



Hi Dave. I’d recommend downloading the latest version of Retropie here and flash that to your 64GB micro SD card to start afresh. The latest versions of Retropie should resize to the full size of your SD card and then automatically reboot. Then it’s just a matter of copying your ROMs across again.

I got all that Sorted. My problem now is that not all of my Roms work. Eg. Street fighter two works, but not street fighter alpha 3. I am working on getting a 37b romset and this may redctify that.

Also I can’t seem to get my x arcade to work in mame. It will get into a game, but I can’t use the interface to configure the controls. So I can’t exit a game. I am using the single player version of the xarcade.

Thank you for your help

Glad you got it sorted! Mame roms are tricky, but we can’t really discuss details on that here. Try the Retropie forums?