Using the phat buttons with raspotify

Can I use the buttons on my pirateradio with raspotify?

I suspect that it’s possible, but I’m not so sure if it’s feasible.

It looks like raspotify is just a wrapper for librespot which you can find the source for here:

Neither of them have particularly comprehensive documentation… or any documentation that I can find! So it would take some ruthless digging through the source, or poking the librespot binary to see if it has any options for remote control.

Ok, thank you!
I dont want to use raspotify either, I just want to use spotify on my radio using my phone to control. Its mainly meant as a radioplay device for my daughter.
Could I arrange this using “pure” mopidy? The mopidy mobile app does not let me view albums from an artist I found which is an important feature to play radioplays…

I’ve barely scratched the surface of mopidy, so I’m not sure! Does it support keyboard control, or plugins? It’s certainly possible to inject keyboard events from Python if it does the former.