Weather hat enclosure options


I looked through the topics already discussing this but, wanted to ask a more updated option. I have the weather hat with a pi zero inside this Stevenson Screen But, I’m running into some issues. Where should I drill holes to be able to put the RJ11 cables since it doesn’t fit through the small hole in the bottom. What battery should I use for this to power the zero?

If this enclosure not the best option then which one would yall recommend? thank you.

I’d cut a small notch / slot, in the outside edge of the base. Just big enough for the cables. The RJ11’s are going to be plugged in when you close the Stevenson screen anyway. No need for a big hole.

you mean another hole around the other hole on the bottom side ?

Yes, just big enough for the two cables side by side.

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cool. thank you. Was just trying to see a visual in my head since it helps understand more lol.