Weather Station, proper real one

I’ve been wanting a proper full function Raspberry Pi based weather station for a while now. One with wind speed and direction sensors. Plus the usual temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensors. A kit your average enthusiast could put together in a day. Logging functions would be nice too. daily high and low etc.

Just wondering how many others are maybe wanting one too?

If there are enough of us maybe Pimoroni will put something together?

I currently have two weather clocks based around Pi A+'s > Sense hats> DS3231 RTC’s and BME680’s. An indoor one and a portable battery powered version. My indoor unit is missing wind speed and direction. No logging either etc. Just real time display of the readings.!AjOYwiwlwDtpgq8_0VrdS3_H5xL_AA


I use the old Maplin weather station connected to my Pi but unfortunately you can’t get them anymore.

This looks very similar though

I use the PYWWS software from here



What I’m aiming at is making the Pi be the weather station. The Pi Foundation had one but it was only available to schools etc. I should go have another look see if joe public can now buy one.