What chipset is in the USB to UART serial console cable?

Does anybody know if the Prolific chip PL2303TA chipset is being used in the UART adapter, or is it the older PL2303HX chipset? I’ve heard that “The new 'TA cables are Win8 compatible, and are more reliable especially when dealing with random USB-disconnects.” The new ones normally have a violet body, but the ones on the Pimoroni page appear to be made of blue plastic. Not sure it they are the same.

Want to make sure it’s a newer version before I buy.

We’ll find out for certain and get back to you (plus update the store page with the details).

We’re pretty confident it’s the PL2303TA chipset. I checked the HID response against the datasheets, and then pried it apart to read the chip designation. And then double-checked with our supplier via @niko. All checks out. It looks like the *HX series has been EOL since about 2012 so the chances of them being around now are fairly slim.

Buy with confidence. And if it turns out to be wrong, you’ve got me to blame ;)