Player X USB Dupont to Dupont for Plasma?

Hi there!

I’d like to retrofit my Picade to connect with a PC. Need more oomph, ya know? ;) Looks like the Player X USB board will allow me to do this.

So I went ahead and ordered a Player X USB board with this intention. It appears that the existing male Dupont to spade cable that the RPi X Hat uses to connect to the Plasma buttons won’t work with the Player X since the board has a Dupont connector for Plasma so it seems like a Dupont to Dupont cable is needed.

I checked out the specs of the wiring loom that is linked from the Player X USB page - and it seems like there isn’t a Dupont - Dupont cable in that package either so it’d not work with the Player X USB board to enable it to drive the Plasma buttons.

Can you please advise? Is there somewhere I can purchase such a cable?


Got this sorted out. The newer (USB-C) X Hat has this dupont-dupont cable. The older (Micro-USB) X Hat has spade-dupont. Pimoroni was kind enough to send a dupont-dupont cable out to me to rectify this. Thank you!