Player X controls not working with Picade X Hat USB-C

Hi guys, I’m new and building my first name cabinet. By reading these forums I’ve found solutions to most of my issues but this one has me stuck, so asking for some assistance :)

Raspberry Pi 4
Picade X HAT USB-C
Player X USB
Running Retropie 4.7.1

So I have the Picade X Hat configured to a zippy joystick and buttons all working well. I have a 2nd joystick and buttons connected to a player x USB which isn’t working at all.
In retroarch I see the Player X USB but if I try to configure the joystick/buttons nothing registers.

I’ve tried connecting the player X to my laptop and everything works, so I’m guessing it’s a config issue.

Be grateful to know how to troubleshoot this or if there is a guide I should follow.

I lost the will to keep troubleshooting this and I ended up replacing the Picade Player X USB with a cheap controller that worked first time.