Is my hat dead

My hat powers up by pressing the yellow button but thats all it appears to do.
The led on board doesn’t light and the setup reports no game controllers .

How do i debug this ?

What hat is it? What model pi, and what os?

hat = Picade X HAT USB-C
Pi = RPI4
OS = Raspbian Buster

The Player X is compatible with so I would expect the Picade X to work the same.

Connect your Picade to your normal computer via USB and go to that website. If it can’t detect a button press, I would guess it is dead.

Good luck

Player X is a USB HID device, its meant to be used as a USB controller.
The Picade X Hat needs an SBC and underlying OS to run. Usually Retro Pi on a Pi.
Even with Pi OS, you should be able to run the installer and check some button joystick etc functions.
curl | bash
Was that done?

Also make sure its correctly lined up on the GPIO header and firmly seated.
Power supply connected to the Picade Hat USB C jack

I also have a problem with the picade x hat, i can get the installer to run whilst on raspbian and the joystick and buttons work but the overlay doesn’t load, however in retropie i press f4 and try to run the installer and it fails at the end, controller not detected and none of the controls are configurable by the keyboard input way.
I’m not sure if the pimoroni drivers etc are playing well with the newer kernels/updates?