Picade X Player


I have a PI 4.0 with retropi’s Buster installed and Ports for the UI.

Connected 2 Picade joysticks with 20 buttons between them.

1st JS is connected to an picade XHat and works well and configured

The 2nd JS and buttons are connected to a USB Picade Player card.

I cant see this card using jtest or within emustation as i can with the 1JS.

I have changed the retroarch drivers which changed the on in game screen message to

Usb picade x player not configured using fallback from just not confugured.

The Picade software has been run in and lights the board when plugged in throuth the usb b micro cable.

Im unsure if this message relates to the 1st connected to the XHat which are configured or the player card is being seen and i have a conflict somewhere.

I have a KB and mouse plugged in also.

Any ideas would be appreciated