Watch out for fake usb 3.0 cables and hubs

Would be cool if the pirates could talk about this on the bilge tank as unless you know what to look for it is easy to think you got a usb 3.0 cable and your phone is just slow at copying. Go check your cables, should have two rows of pins, if not, you got stung like I did, see the attached photo of what a fake connector looks like. Not the first time I got stung, there are a LOT of fake usb 3.0 hubs that are in fact usb 2.0 with blue plastic.

Hm, mine off eBay definitely only has 4 pins.

Though looking at the original listing it did say it was only USB 2.0 - it just happens to be coloured blue.

That is a little sneaky, make it look at bit like one and hope you make an error. In my case the advert says
"Genuine Samsung Galaxy USB 3.0 Data Cable Sync Charger Galaxy S5 Note 3 Original"

Which it is clearly not. I’ve reported it to eBay, which took some digging to find the ‘report counterfit items’ button. I did not post the original listing as I thought the post may get bounced.