Faulty Adafruit build - Adafruit ESP32-S3-TFT

Adafruit boards are usually very well built and reliable, but they have fitted the wrong type of STEMMA/QT socket. Impossible to plug in the cable. I’m unable to connect the AHT20 bought at the same time.

Hope this was a small batch if they are all like this!

If you have one, check before you solder on the legs.

I’d say the wrong reel go put on the pick and place machine by accident. And if you got one, nobody noticed? I wonder how many sockets are on one reel? Hundreds?

I agree, a simple mistake but potentially rather expensive. These boards are not cheap!

Otherwise, a great little board with a very clear screen which I’m programming with CircuitPython. Not so sure I love displayio - rather too much going on in many layers.

I’ve been trying to avoid using Circuit Python. Not because there is anything wrong with it. It’s just that I’m just coming to grips with Micro Python, and it works with 99% of my hardware.

No MP uf2 unfortunately. Forcing me to get to grips with displayio. Keeps the little grey cells functioning but I’m not really into writing games.

Just need to modify the pixel graphics routines to work in the new system.

Had to go Circuit Python on my Pico RGB keypad. No USB HID support in Micro Python.

My mistake. There is a tiny dust cap over the socket as protection. Very difficult to see as the plastic is black. All working properly now.

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Hi, I have just received my ESP32-S3.
I use it through Thonny and is pretty easy.
ADC and WIFI work quite well.
I am looking for Python examples to use the TFT display st7789.
I didn’t succeed to find anthing working on my device.

You’re in luck, I put this post up yesterday:

You can find all the code there.

Let me know how you get on.

What did you do with WiFi? I thought the CP v8 was pretty underdeveloped yet?

Hi Tonygo2,

Thanks a lot for your quick answer.
In fact I just tried the WIFI example ans I expect to send MQTT message to a broker thanks to the esp32-s3.

You examples sound very nice.
Unfortunately I didn’t found the library in Adafruit Industries · GitHub :(

The esp32-S3 sounds quite fast so I want to check some analog measurements and display on the beautiful TFT screen…
PS : as I checked your code, Thonny asked me about “adafruit_ahtx0” library…

It’s a new Temperature and Humidity sensor. Just comment out the references to it. I was trying out I2C via the STEMMA socket.

Which library could you not find? They are all in in the latest library download.
Libraries (circuitpython.org)

Hi Tonygo2
Unfortunately I didn’t find any st7789 libray :(

I have just understand you did all the job embedded in your code.
It’s working.
Thank you a lot.

Really easy if you have a built-in screen a bit harder if you have to set it all up yourself.

I’m not a great fan of displayio - a bit too complicated for a novice user and too games oriented with so many layers to think about. I hope you find my procedures useful.

Great little board. The graphics appear to be much faster than my CLUE (240x240). I just hope Adafruit can get the WiFi and BLE working properly soon with CP8. I’ve been using a Pi Pico W (Pi Cow) for my WiFi projects with Waveshare displays.

Have fun.