What I2S Stereo decoder should i use?

for my project, I want to have aux output on a Raspberry Pi Zero. For that reason i searched for audio decoders and came across those four:

This one is my favourite by now, it has 32Bit Stereo and is created for the Raspberry Pi while still being relatively small. It says it has better audio output than the original port on the B+.

This is the one i came across most of the time, but it’s a bit too big i think.

This one is very small, but also very expensive and i don’t know if it would work with a Raspberry Pi.

And this one is also cheap and built for the Raspbery Pi.

So what do you think? Which one is the best? Should i buy all of them and test them out? Are they even working?

Thanks a lot!

don’t know much about them ,but i do know adafruits quality and info on there site . and myself i would try there’s

after reading a bit i realised what it was , i will assume you want to have yours on a breadboard ,maybe
for regular use i use the pimoroni pHAT Dac ,the adafrut board runs on same setup as the pHAT Dac

video of my pHAT DAC

Sadly, the pHAT DAC is too big for my usage. I think i will give them all a try and maybe review them here.

OK, will be interested in seeing your project when done ,

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