What RGB Value should the images have for yellow Inkyphat


I’ve recently purchased the Yellow InkyPhat and want to load images to it. For the red inkyphat its easy to create an image in Photoshop “They should be PNG-8 images, 212x104 pixels, and in indexed colour mode with a palette of just three colours - black, white, and red - in exactly that order.”

What RGB values should the yellow colour be?

Many thanks,
Kevin McAleer


As long as your output image is palette based with 3 colours then it really doesn’t matter what RGB values you pick for them since the actual colour values for each palette index are completely ignored. An image prepared for the Red Inky pHAT should work just fine and if you’re so inclined you could use pink and green in lieu of black/yellow but it makes more sense to use a colour that at least somewhat represents how it will look on the Inky pHAT.

Something around #c69b2b will probably work for allowing you to pixel-art images that look approximately the same on your computer and the Inky pHAT but YMMV- use whatever colour works best for you.