Which browser on mobile devices?

I found that the cookbook receipes and Rockpool seem to depend on the speed of the device which is running the browser. If I’m running the browser on my laptop everything is fine, but I am having serious lags after maybe 10-15 seconds of normal response using my phone (samsung s4 mini) or my tablet (samsung galaxy Tab 10.1). Are these mobile devices simply too slow (too low in computing power) or can you recommend a certain browser that provides better compatibility with Rockpool? Normally, I’m using Firefox on all my devices.
Furthermore, I would like to report that the Rockpool buttons are too large for small display mobile phones like my s4 mini. On the other hand I like very much having the opportunity of using the accelerometer of my smartphone as input - this is a really nice feature!


The Cookbook recipes haven’t been tweaked or optimised much at the moment, or tested on anything but the desktop, so your mileage may vary.

Rockpool has had some optimisations, but I think there’s still headroom for improving it.

I’ll have to dig up some Android devices for testing!

Recently I attached a motor module to a Lego crane I’ve built together with my son and we tried to control it with the joystick module. Since I didn’t want to boot our laptop for this I just grabbed our android tablet (I remembered that rockpool doesn’t really fit my galaxy s4 mini screen). So we quickly went to rockpool and had only a very simple rule. In principle the whole thing did what it is meant to do, but even though it was a very simple rule it was still very laggy. The result is obvious: my son was unfortunately quite unhappy with this unpredictable controller we have installed.
I do like rockpool very much but to be honest I don’t like to pull out my laptop every time I want to control a flotilla project. Later I checked all kinds of browsers available on android but they all show the same performance.
Have you thought about making a flotilla app instead of using the browser? Maybe this would circumvent some of the overhead coming probably from the browser.
Best wishes,