Is there a simple guide to test all devices?


MTC arrived yesterday and before school this am everything was played with. What I’m now after, if it exists, are simple instructions so we can test every part - the joystick shows the X axis working but not the Y.
Also, is there a lag when using the Raspberry Pi?
This is a steep learning curve for me and my children, but I’d like to think we’re a good example of Kickstarter backers with a non-electronics background - which will grow in confidence using Flotilla :)


the most obvious way to test modules is to use rockpool. It will allow you to access the different controllable parameters, most of which should match what you’d expect, sometimes with a couple of handy extras.

See the sticky topic at the top of this forum too, the rough guide I assembled should at least guide you a good start with Rockpool. Well, that was the goal!


Thank you for that. I suspect that we have a problem with our joystick.


Summoning @gadgetoid to do some remote joystick debugging…


Ah thank you! I started a specific thread for this here:
… sorry I didn’t spot the reply quicker!


Found it! Responded. It’s fine. Handy to have a separate thread just in case someone else gets the same problem.

Right now Flotilla is a little sluggish on the Pi, but we’re working on a mahhooooosiiivvee software update to make everything 1000% more awesome. Stay tuned, and let us know how you get on, what’s good, what’s not, etc, it’s all useful!