Joystick problem?


Our Flotilla joystick is behaving in an unexpected way:

The X-axis (and the Left and Right parameters) work sensibly enough, going from 0 through 500 in the middle to 1000. The Y-axis on the other hand is just stuck at 1000 and doesn’t change. The Up and Down parameters don’t change either.

Is there any way I can test this to find out if it’s Rockpool or the joystick playing up?

Is there a simple guide to test all devices?

Could you possibly post a picture of the underside of your joystick? I’ve seen exactly this problem in testing and I’ve got a suspicion I know what might be up!


<img src="/uploads/pimoroni/original/1X/b46609cf43abcf6148fc647ef9404867afe609d4.jpg" width=“690” height="387



Yup, I figured as much.

Look at the 3 solder joints above the Flotilla text on the left. Two of them are connected together- they shouldn’t be. This happens sometimes when the solder wave isn’t behaving itself… well it literally sloshes a big wave of solder onto the underside of the board and relies on the tendency of solder to cling to the metal pads, so it’s not always completely precise.

This means the joystick connection is constantly being shorted to 5V, so it will always read 1000 no matter where the stick is positioned. :(

Drop us an email at, or a forum PM to me with your address, and we’ll get you a replacement Joystick in the post!

It’s actually a really, really easy fix ( a dab with a soldering iron ) and should have been noticed in testing! Sorry about that.


Noticed that too when I took the photo, thank you I’ll be in touch.


The Joystick when centered is out of there a way to calibrate? Also the center push button, is this working as it is not given as a choice in Rockpool


It should show up as a choice in Rockpool, alongside the Joystick but not in the fly-out menu iirc, are you using the Flotilla-Offline version?

There’s no way to calibrate it yet, I noticed the variations in resting position when flashing and testing them recently and have been trying to come up with an elegant solution- manual calibration in Rockpool wouldn’t fit with the clean, simple UX we’re going for.

I’ve got a couple of ideas I’m juggling, but I think a deadzone might be the solution since it doesn’t necessitate any special behavior. The sticks have a very large zone of “undefined” resting position towards their center anyway, so any calibration would be thrown off.



yep found the button as you indicated

I think a dead zone my help, but not an urgent issue