Will RPi4 + Fan SHIM work with Inky wHAT?

Hello all! Question is basically as title:

Will RPi4 with installed Fan SHIM work with Inky wHat?

If it would not, what steps do i need to do for:

  • Fan SHIM
  • Inky wHat

work together on same RPi4 unit?

Thank you in advance for your answer! :)


They both use BCM 17 Pin 11. Pressing the button on the fan shim is going to shut down the Pi anyway so it may not be an issue?

Im not even using that button ^^. Thank you! @alphanumeric

Can we get a reply from pimoroni staff ? @gadgetoid
Answer: “maybe” is very vague, and you can’t know for sure will it work or not

If you go by the Pinouts the answer is no. If the Fan Shim installer sets up GPIO 17 for its use the answer in no for sure. The Fan Shim fan will run without the Fan Shim software installed. The LED won’t work though. The button will still turn the Pi on and off though. Via GPIO 3 Pin 5. You need to make a config.txt edit for the shut down to work.
I installed my Fan Shim and ran the installer. Latter on I stopped and disabled the service that does all the magic. The fan just runs continuous now and the LED is off. My temps are a pretty consistent 40 c. I’m happy with this setup. Next time around I just won’t bother running the Fan Shim installer.