Wind vane / rain gauge arms

I’ve collected some weather station bits over the years from various places and kits, and now I have a complete kit of sensors (and an EnviroWeather Pico W) but am still missing the arms that the wind vane / anemometer and rain gauge mount to, as in this kit:

Does anyone know where I could acquire just the arms, without the sensors?

This kit is the same as Maplin [N96FY and N96GY] and [I forget the name of theSwedish company with a few UK stores] used to sell with their weather stations. Fittings are unlikely to be available unless you can find on eBay. though I just googled ‘Maplin weather station’ and you can see the exact same kit inseveral other images.
But DIY should not be difficult. The vertical pole is just a bit of 3/4 pipe. The horizontal arm is just plastic with vertical tubing at each end. I’m sure you could fashion something suitable out of plastic plumbining pipework - just check the diameters required.

Clas Ohlson probably?

I really don’t have the time to fiddle with this, but if I did I could probably figure something out for the pieces that have round mounts. However, the rain gauge has a square mount, which is worse.

I guess I’ll have to go check eBay etc. Thanks.

Yes, Clas Ohlson.

This is a link to the manual for their version, called WH-1080