Windows for E-Paper

I want to know if there is a possibility to use windows on the E Paper, because I sell a program that calls Otzar Hachochma. That is the biggest library offline have 112k books and it saved on a hard drive from 2 terrabites and this is set for windows only. Please check on the link below. (Otzar - Google Drive)

If there’s anyone who can help me out with this, I will pay $1000 for getting it to work. Or if there’s any developer who can develop for me boards like the waveshare monitored boards ( ) I will pay up to $10,000. If you know anyone who can do it for me, please let me know.

Have you tried the Waveshare board you linked to? Their blurb says it works with Windows:

They only sell the board together with the display, and the cost is very expensive, I want to know if I can get it for cheaper, or can develop for me a similar board of that.