E Paper display

Is there a driver board for any e paper display between 9.7 inch to 13.3 inch that supports HDMI?

Not that I know of? It’s not meant for that type of use, the refresh rate is way to slow.
What is your plan / intended use?

I think Waveshare do some HDMI e-Ink displays, I haven’t tried any of them personally though!

[Thank you for replying. I want to know if there is a possibility to use windows on the e bookreader, because I sell a program that calls Otzar Hachochma. That is the biggest library offline have 112k books and it saved on a hard drive from 2 terrabites and this is set for windows only. Please check on the link below. (Otzar - Google Drive)

Ok, makes sense now. I’m a little slow some times. ;)