ZeroW headers (choices choices)


hi guys :~)
I’m new round these parts, but anyone from the main pi forums may recognise me, I have been floating round over there, putting my 2p worth in whenever I feel like it, for a few years.
So on with my question

I’m buying a zero W (as per the title), and a blinkt! module. The project I’m working on requires some button inputs too. So I’ve been looking at these long stacking headers to solder to my pi, allowing me access to all the GPIO, while still having the blinkt! attached.

Anyone tried this? Or got any better suggestions?


sure, that would work, I guess, if you mean sticking jumper wires on the underside of the Pi… not sure how practical that would be however.

Note that if you don’t mind soldering your buttons semi-permanently, you could tap into the header connections on the underside of blinkt, they are quite easy to access.


Similar requirement to mine. I’m doing a media player with the pHAT Beat and don’t want to use the onboard buttons. I have a ProtoZero with the long headers so i can break out my own buttons. It adds to the height but not so much as to become unwieldy.


My pi is going to be on its side, so the gpio are at the bottom, and the usb mini ports are at the top. So actually, having a thick header like that would allow it to stand totally by itself without needing a case.

I’d not thourght of that, I’ve not actually got everything yet, I’m placing an order this evening, I’ll have to take a look at the pics again, and see what I can see.
My other thourght was to just get a line of single pins, and only connect the ones that the blinkt needed, and then solder straight to the pi for the buttons, but that just seemed messy and not very strong


thats a good thought, but does cost a bit more than just long headers… but not a lot…

I’ll give it a think over. Thanks :)


Sorry about the OT, but does the Zero W come together with any header? I bought a Mood Light kit for my friend and it came with a male header sealed in the same bag as the RPi. But on the bare Zero W product page it looks like male header comes only with the Adaptor kit.

Thank you.


no, the Zero W outside of kits is just the Pi itself. So if you want access to the GPIO (without tapping directly into select pins) you should add either one of these or one of those to your order.


Thank you! That’s one hell of a fast response, btw. :)