Zumo chassis with Arduino Shield


I’m just in the process of assembling my Zumo chassis and mounting my Arduino shield to it.

Problem is the mounting screws are too short? There were two long screws, four short screws and four nuts.

If I mount the chassis mounting plate, and the plate that goes under the Arduino shield the short screws are too short to attach the nuts to and there are only 2 long screws? Am I supposed to not use the chassis mounting plate and just use the one that comes with the shield?


I ditched the mounting plate that came with the chassis, and just used the one that came with the shield. One downside to that is the metal motor cases are left exposed. And they are right under the breadboarding section of the shield. It would be easy for things to short out on the metal motor cases.
I took my dremel with a sanding drum on it and ground down all the pins on the bottom side of the shield. All the header solder connections etc. It won’t sit flat if you don’t.
You can’t tell from the picture without looking very closely, but the mounting plate for the Arduino shield is two pieces. That made it a royal PITA to assemble. One half or the other kept moving out of position while I was trying to put the nuts and bolts in. Very frustrating trying to assemble this kit.