Zumo Reflectance Sensor Array

Woot, was just about to order one from the original manufacturer. Was ordering stuff from here anyway so that saved me extra shipping charges. Nice to see Arduino stuff back on the site.

The fun starts once it arrives, coding etc. Total noob with Arduino.
Something I don’t see is power supplies. Something 9V with a barrel connector would be nice. From what I’m reading 12V is pushing it a bit and may make the on board regulator get hot.
Anyway, I had already bought the Zumo chassis and the Zumo Arduino shield. Its all assembled, just haven’t plugged my Arduino UNO in yet. Ordered a second one just for the rover. No having to plug unplug it to do other things with it. I have the starter kit, just have to sit down and start tinkering etc.

what amp does the 9v adapter need, 2 or more i assume

That depends on what you have connected to the Arduino. By itself it doesn’t draw all that much. Not anything near what a Raspberry Pi draws. Adafruit have some 9V 1A supplies that I think are meant for Arduinos. That should be plenty for an Arduino some sensors, and maybe a text display.
Keep in mind the Arduino is a Micro Controller, not a Single Board Computer. It doesn’t have a video processor, USB hub, ethernet adapter, etc. Basically just the input output pins. Digital and analog inputs and outputs.
Start adding motors and servos and your going to want a beefier power supply. Or run on batteries.

i have a adafruit one from the 7in lcd driverboard that i broke wayback when [lol],its 9v 1A,if you need one…wow just checked my acct and i bought it way back in march 2015

I’ll buy it off you if you have no need for it. I’ll give you what you paid for it. I have one in my cart at Adafruit, just won’t be ordering from them for a while. I placed an order here instead. Had to pick one or the other not both, you know how it goes, lol.

i’l drop it off next time I’m over that way
,bought back in 2015,my first order with Adafruit ,still have the driver-board too,buy no LCD ,broke that years ago ,lol

Cool, thats one more thing off of my list. 10 bucks sound good?

sound good to me ,if it ok with you

The US to Canada conversion thingy showed 9 bucks and some change. You must have paid GST and some shipping on it so I figured round it up to10 bucks.

but it used so 7 bucks is good

Thats up to you, don’t forget your going out of your way to drop it off and burning some extra gas in the process. I’m fine with paying 10 bucks for it. It sounds like you didn’t use it very much anyway.

ok, yeah it didnt get much use ,i broke the lcd screen before i got a case for it ,I should be over you way sometime next week i think

Ok, great, when ever its convenient for you is fine by me. It’s not something I have to have, its just a will make things easier type of deal. ;)