Zumo Rover up in smoke =(

I bought the Pololu Zumo Rover, Arduino shield, and line follower kit.
Only just soldered on the line following kit today. Turned the power button on and it started smoking.
Switched the power off but it didn’t turn off, now it won’t turn off, I had to pull the batteries out.
Near as I can figure out, one contact on the Arduino Uno’s barrel jack shorted the VBAT pin on the shield to ground. I had not noticed how close the two are? First time I powered it up with an Arduino on it. I turned it on and off right after soldering it up when I first got it, but didn’t have an Arduino plugged in. Everything looked OK, leds all went off when the power switch was turned off.
The first picture shows the Uno partially plugged in, basically just sitting on the pins.
The second shows it firmly pressed down and the pin shorted out by the barrel connector contact.
What now? How do I tell what’s good and what isn’t? Can I get a replacement is the big question?
The Zumo was ordered in Order #PI292885 and the line follower in Order #PI304332

Full sized pictures are here, https://1drv.ms/f/s!AjOYwiwlwDtpgtw6wgQM8JpN1w3Rng

I just loaded the Arduino IDE on this PC and plugged in that Arduino. I’m getting a copy error when I try to upload a sketch so it looks like something got fried. =(
My spare Arduino UNO worked just fine with that same USB cable.

Just got the tech support e-mail. They are going to replace my damaged parts for me.
Top notch service, I must say. =)