12.1 Display Not Working - No Output

Built my PiCade tonight off a Raspberry 3 and 12.1 Display (HDMI VGA 2AV LCD driver board 12.1" LTD121ECNN 1024x768 lcd panel). The display does receive power, but it is still black. When I press the button on the bottom of the display keypad, there is a quick flash on the screen from gray back to black, so something is going on. The display keypad also constantly shows a red light rather than green and in my limited tech support background…I know that’s not good. The flat ribbon cable from the board to the display is seated firm, but I know those can be finicky.

I’ve attached pictures for reference. Any advice or assistance is appreciated.

Not sure if it’s the same thing that I battled with, but if you have installed retropie, then you need to change the configuration file.
It’s a text file, and you need to edit it in a Linux based operating system. There is a setting for forcing HDMI. The screen won’t display unless this is changed. Just open the file, check the comment against the config item, and change to force HDMI.
Should work if this is the problem.

Hey thanks for the tip Nick, definitely helped. It appears I had two problems:

  1. I had an extra USB power cable going to the lcd board panel, which conflicted with the barrel connector power plug I already had running to the board. Removed that.
  2. I also reviewed the config.txt file with the Pi attached to an external monitor (wanted to make sure it wasn’t a Pi problem too). I uncommented hdmi_safe=1 line.

Removed power and hdmi cords and then reconnected. Started it up and I was rolling. Now back to the box!