12.1 Inch Display Question


Feedback from displaysscreen.com today:

this time LTN121XL01-N03 not very good condition

Not really meaningful regarding future availability…

I will go for the “SHARP” LQ121S1LG75.


Well I went ahead and bought the SHARP mentioned off ebay…
will see how it works when it gets here in a few weeks.


FYI, the Sharp display (LQ121S1L75) I purchased on Ebay has a terrible viewing angle… If I could flip it upside down, it may be usuable, but as it stands, you can’t adjust it to make it worth using.


Where did you buy it and where did you get the controller?


I bough this screen:


and this board:

And I am powering the screen with a 12V 4AMP supply. My screen is VERY dim. Please help?


Recently I got the (strong) itch to upgrade my panel to a 12" 1024x768 variant, and was lucky to find one on Amazon. It was on the expensive side, but I tore into it regardless, and was able to mount it successfully within my Picade. I’ve uploaded an album to Imgur which has image descriptions that explains the story, so I’ll keep this message here brief.

I hope this helps anyone still looking for a 4:3 small LCD panel, as it does seem they’re becoming quite tough to obtain indeed! These Eyoyo ones do seem to be sprinkled about though, so might be a viable option.

Cheers, and thanks to the good ship Pimoroni for creating such a wonderful kit!

12" TFT upgrade - current situation (March 2018)

Are 12" displays only for the old Picade? Just built a new one and seems to small for a 12"


Yeah, only the older model