12.1" Screen / Pi power


I already have that cord. It worked fine but after a while it gets very hot.


I already have that cord. It worked fine but after a while it gets very hot.

The one you have is different. Look very closely. Your says input 5V and output 12V. That means it has circuitry in between. Looks like the USB side is larger than a typical USB A male jack. Maybe the circuitry is inside there?

The cord I linked to has no electronics internally at all. It is just a dumb wire. So, I doubt it will get hot like yours.


Hey you right… I may have to try that one then. Thank you.


Just want to share my experiences so far:
I ordered one of these 12.1inch screens: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/170947783291?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

for the power supply I got a Tronsmart similar to the Rav power USB power bank linked above http://www.geekbuying.com/item/Qualcomm-Certified-Tronsmart-Quick-Charge-2-0-54W-5-Ports-Desktop-USB-Charger-Wall-Charger-for-Samsung-Sony---AU-Plug-353489.html

and for the cable to connect the supply to the screen I got a generic USB to 5.5mm/2.1mm 5 volt (also linked above in previous posts)

Not having much luck connecting the screen to the Quick Charge port on the power supply. The screen powers up but I am unable to get an image and on the controller board the LED is illuminated red. Will try a separate power supply to powering the screen. Any ideas if my current setup is missing anything?? :)


If you look above I have the same setup but mine is quick charge 2.0 which is 12v 2a…yours is 12v 1.5a…Not enough power.


Oh ok thanks! I may have to invest in one of the ravpower ones, just thought the Tronsmart would work since i thought the 12.1 inch screen was a minimum of 12v 1a
Are you running the Rav quick charge 2.0 port with a passive usb cable or a 5v to 12v converter? :)


I don’t use that USB cable anymore. It got too hot. I just plug in two
cords I to outlet. One from the rav power and one from 12.1 in screen.


Is everyone else’s 1 cable solution working? Any updates? I just ordered my 12" screen so I have a few weeks to come up with something. I’d like to put a power button in-line so a powerblock or something similar and be able to power the Pi, Picade, and 12" screen with a single power button, single power cable.


I’m using this 30W RAVpower brick and 5v-12v usb cable and everything is great.



Here’s the custom IO panel. I had the manufacturer add all the holes then I added my own for the nema connector and the lighted button I use with my powerblock hat. The HDMI port is connected to a manual 2-1 1-2 HDMI switch so I can easily do video out to my TV.

I had/have plans to add a mains switch possibly at some point, and that’s why there’s a label and spot for said switch. I may use that area to break-out the switch built into the HDMI switch box instead though, as that’d be more useful.

New photo by Brandon Hall (Brandito)

Here’s the inside with the RAVpower charger and the 5v-12v usb cable. The box on the cable doesn’t get any hotter than the charger so I’m assuming all is well. Everything, other than the pi, is held on by either double sided 3M adhesive pads, 3M dual lock or cable tie adhesive pads.

BTW that box under the RAVpower unit is a micro sd - standard sd extension. Makes getting your sd card out of the picade so much easier.

Also, I had to buy at least 3 metric nylon screw kits on amazon in order to get the parts needed to have that pibow case and powerblock securely mounted to the door.

New photo by Brandon Hall (Brandito)

I honestly had more fun building, modifying, and getting retropie setup than I’ve had playing the games. The games were just a good excuse to start the whole project.


Absolutely love it! Great job!!

Any issues with the MicroSD extension cable?

Do you have any more pictures? Specifically ones that we can enlarge and zoom in to all the goodness?


No issues with the sd extension, never had any corruption.

For whatever reason the forum auto cropped my pictures.



hopefully these versions work better.


Ok, I zoomed in and on first blush it looks like you have the Pi going HDMI to the screen and the back panel HDMI going in to the splitter/switcher and then the splitter/switcher going back in to itself… What am I missing here?


You’re not missing anything, I just did a piss poor job putting things back in order after upgrading my screen. I rarely use the HDMI out so I just never noticed the problem, thanks for pointing it out.


I just want to dispell the myth that anything advertising QC2.0 and 12v out of a USB port will actually supply 12v. This is most definitely not the case- a 12v USB port would be reckless, and would run the disk of damaging any 5v device plugged into it.

QC2.0 is a third-party (Qualcomm) alternative to USB’s Power Delivery specification. It defines how a port might supply 12v after a special handshake from a compatible device. It will not supply 12v through a passive or active conversion cable, unless that cable explicitly completes the QC2.0 handshake asking for 12v. Some mobile phones have QC2.0 support, and thus can request 12v and charge more quickly as a result.

If you own a QC2.0 device, see below for details on how to trick it into sending 12v:

Or skip right to the GitHub repo with code (for Arduino) and a schematic:


Hey guys. Just buying my first picade and i also bought a 12.1 screen. For the power i have ordered a small arcade/jamma power supply. Comes with a 12 and 5 volt rail.


You have a link to the product? I may want to get one as well.


Shouldn’t this work? It can be adjusted to output 12v for the 12.1 inch screen and it also has a 5v 2.1 usb port on it for the Pi. Even brings the 2.1 mm adapter for the screen.



Well it claims to be 30W, so let’s do some terrible back of a napkin maths:

5V * 2.1A = 10.5W leaving ~19.5W for the 12v.

19W / 12V = 1.625A. So theoretically at 12v it’s good up to 1.6A and then some.

I don’t know for sure, but I’d guess 1.6A is sufficient to drive most 12V displays, I’d be surprised if otherwise!

You can never be too sure that stuff like this is doing to live up to the claims on the packaging, but the screen at least is forgiving about power requirements and 2.1A isn’t a total dealbreaker for a Pi and Picade PCB.

While the max current output on 5V is a little bit low, I’d place more faith in something like this: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11296


Most jamma power supplies should do . Just make sure that 12v is higher than 2amps. Also be aware of the size. This i think will be a tight fit. I have got both parts yet…on order…


the power supply I use now for the 12.1 inch display is 12v 2.0a