Powering RBPi from 12" Screen?


Hi everyone, there was a how-to circulating a while back on how to power the Raspberry Pi from the Wacom 12" screen, an place where we can tap and solder to get 5v directly. Would anyone have this information handy? Can’t seem to find it.



You have a 12" WACOM Cintiq you’re happy to just open up and modify?

… send it here? :D Haha!

Which version is it? What’s the input power supply?

I would be surprised if the input voltage (a cursory glance says it’s 19v) is not regulated down to several voltages for the internal components- one of those being 5v. If you can open it up, you have to follow the traces from the power supply to anything that looks voltage-regulator or power-controller like. Which is easier said than done!

It’s possible, although extremely unlikely, that you could pull 5v from the USB port even without being connected to a host system. Wacom have a habit of shipping separate wireless kits for their products which must be powered somehow. Does your Cintiq have a separate USB to host, or it it a big messy combo cable? I haven’t tested a Cintiq for many, many years so I don’t know what they’re like these days.

Perhaps a few high resolution photos of the insides will let us play trace-the-power. Could you snap some?


To clarify, I’m talking about the 12" Wacom screen that came with the original Pimoroni PiCade. (Not the cintiq)


Oh in that case I may be able to find some more specific information! But I’m currently away from the office.

I didn’t know the 12" we shipped was Wacom-branded! (or branded at all for that matter)


A couple of options might be to:

  1. Use a 12V / 5V power supply like this one:
  1. Use a step-down adapter like this:

Both of those options would require some snipping of wires from the 12V supply, and obviously it would be at your own risk of damaging either the display, the Pi, or both, so bear that in mind!


Yea, I just ordered a higher amp 12v power supply with a 5v buck converter for the Pi. Probably easiest way while keeping hardware and wiring to minimum



That’s exactly how I did mine.




This might be useful…


Here are a few pictures of my pi powered lcd or lcd powered pi. This is only a 4.3nch screen power draw will be different and very well may require you to check your power draws before fully assembling. I just shot from the hip on this one. I connected a wire to a female socket from the LCD’s voltage regulator and ran that to a pi zero 5v hot GPIO (and also jumpered the grounds).
On mine I did add a whole row of 5 female pin sockets, 1 for the 5v out on the LCD’s voltage regulator and the other 4 are just where the factory plug four the original plug with 2 video in’s and the 6v-12v in and ground.
You don’t need to modify the factory 4 jumper for the cable in like me.