Taking the Picade plunge...but first...all the questions

Hey Guys.

Been eyeing the Picade for a while now and finally decided to pull the trigger on one, but alas the BYO Screen version is out of stock (OOS).

I am “recycling” an iPad 2 I have laying around the house, and will harvest its LCD panel and putting it into the Picade. Can you tell me if it is simple/easy enough to cut the cardboard “bezel” supplied with the kit to fit this LCD? will it just be a question of "measure 10 times and cut once, then call Pimoroni and ask for a replacement?

The Driver board I am currently looking at is this:
iPad 2 HDMI Driver Board
Description states the board handles voltages from 5V to 12V…but I was wondering if it was true. hece second question:
What is the best way to power the Pi (which will have a dedicated power switch, PIcade HAT or Powerblock, havent decided yet) 5V and the LCD board with 12V all from one single Power source. Been seeing some people use those RAVPower bricks with the QuickCharge 3.0 plugs, but does that really work?

Promise to upload pics of my PIcade once its complete :)

I’m using a 12V 5A power supply, and a 12V to 5V converter with an Micro-USB out
I got the idea from this very forum and it works great: I’m powering the Pi3, 12V screen, 2.5 " HD and a 1m strip of RGB leds.

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Thanks minimoi. Most helpful. :)