32blit Programmer for beta users

Until a USB bootloader with upload capability is available, you will require some sort of programmer to talk to and upload code to 32blit.

Internally we’re currently using the snap-off programmers from Nucleo boards which you can find here for £8 -


We designed the 32blit PCB to work directly with these, so they act as a little kickstand for convenient desktop programming.


Tried an ST-Link or clone that also works? Let us know!

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Just curious if the NUCLEO-F070RB would also work?
I looked through their data sheets and couldn’t spot the difference :/


There’s a local (Australian) supplier discounting them on ebay.

So to clear up any confusion…Is this a required board or will the blit be usable without it?

Clarified this as applying to beta users and pre-USB-bootloader times. Anyone looking to do any totally baremetal development on 32blit would also want one of these.

Final units will have firmware with a USB bootloader for code upload.

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Can we use the cheap ST programmer clones to flash the flash?
And what about the NUCLEO-F070RB?

I don’t know, in either case. Albeit I think Ali tested a cheap ST programmer. And the breakaway ST-Link on the F070RB looks identical to the one we’re using which is from the H743ZI judging by the few that are lying around these office robbed of their programmers.

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Thanks for the reply.
I went with the the discounted F070RB above
A legit ST-link cost the same :D

Some info from discord:

ali1234 :

[ 06:51 ] ali1234 :

you can also just get one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mini-ST-Link-V2-stlink-Emulator-Downloader-STM8-STM32-With-Cover-Dupont-Cable/292479630125?epid=22025003352&hash=item441924fb2d:g:df8AAOSwbYdapYs5


Mini ST-Link V2 stlink Emulator Downloader STM8 STM32 With Cover +…

Support all series of STM32 and STM8. Support all STM8 series debug. 1x ST-Link V2 Emulator Downloader. Support all STM32 series SWD interface debug. 4x 20 cm Female - Female Dupont cables. Mini ST-LINK/V2,which is fully compatible with the official functions,support for auto…

[ 06:52 ] Keelan :

whats the difference?

[ 06:52 ] ali1234 :

if you order it from aliexpress now you will probably get it before your 32blit and for under £2

[ 06:53 ] ali1234 :

the different is that the second one is a chinese clone

[ 06:53 ] Happy-Ferret :

So how do I know which one of these on Amazon is compatible?

[ 06:53 ] ali1234 :

if it says stlink V2 or stlink V2-1 it is compatible

[ 06:54 ] Happy-Ferret :

Is more memory better in that case, or will it not matter?

[ 06:54 ] ali1234 :

more memory?

[ 06:54 ] Happy-Ferret :

I see they have them all the way up to 512k

[ 06:54 ] ali1234 :

that is the target board

[ 06:55 ] ali1234 :

when you buy a nucleo board you get two things - the target board (similar to an arduino) and the programmer board

[ 06:55 ] ali1234 :

the programmer board snaps off (although you dont actually need to snap it off to use it for external programming)

[ 06:55 ] ali1234 :

the programmer bits are all the same - the target is different depending on which board you buy

[ 06:56 ] TinWhisker :

The nucleo boards in our case are programmer and bonus toy

[ 06:56 ] ahnlak :

Does it need to be stlink v2? Can see some cheap stuff on Wish that’s just mentioning stlink

[ 06:56 ] ali1234 :

so you can buy the cheapest nucleo board, which afaict is the F103 version for £10

[ 06:56 ] ali1234 :

at least that is the cheapest on amazon

06:57 ] ali1234 :

or you can buy the chinese stlink clone, which is just the programmer part, and a copy of an older version

One thing to be aware of is those Chinese STLink knockoffs usually don’t have a working RST pin.

I’ve got the STM32 Nucleo-64 and thought I would have a play while waiting from my 32blit to turn up.
Is anyone using it with Linux?
Could someone give me a clue how I can communicate with the board.

EDIT Looks like I need to play with OpenOCD

You can flash it over USB in DFU mode - I just did that successfully so now no need for an ST link cable ?

I forgot I bought this to debug 32blit.
I haven’t need to use it… debugging in linux works fine, then the TTY out over USB also works ok.
But now I’m stuck with audio issues on 32blit, so I need to use it :)

I’ve used remote gdb via serial before, but JTAG is new to me.

I found a pdf of the manual that’s close enough (nucleo 64), it explains how to use the st link v2 and the pins… it’s a good start.