Recently purchase a Pi 4B, is there anywhere I can download the original image that would of been written to the SD card, having some issues and want to try the original image.

Do you know what version / edition of Pi OS it was?
Index of /raspbian/images (raspberrypi.org)

What issues are you having? I’m running the latest Pi OS on several Pi 4B’s, no issues that I am aware of.

Thanks for the reply with the link.

It turns out the latest version of 3cx available has withdrawn support for the Pi at this present time, so my current machine which is a old Dell PC can support the latest but you cannot restore newer backups to older version. I wasn’t sure if it was something to do with the OS at first been unable to update but since found out what I did.

When I was having issues initially I wiped the SD and redownloaded but it seemed different as first time it booted sure it asked me to set a username rather the default PI one. Anyway issue resolved but handy to have that link now.

Yeah, the latest version of Pi OS asks you to set a username and password. Older versions just ask for a password to be set and use the default pi username.

There are also differences in the firmware on newer versus older Pi 4B’s. I run Motion Eye OS on some of mine. The current Official release won’t boot on my newest Pi 4B. I have to run the Dev version on that one.

That be why I was getting confused to, asking for username and password.

I don’t use any features on it just as a small PC to run a phone system using 3CX.

It was a “for security reasons” change. The default username and password are well know on the Internet. If you have SSH enabled it could be an issue. I still use pi for my username, but do change the password. I get nagged to change the username if I enable SSH.

There’s a link to the correct Pi OS version for 3CX in step 2 of their instructions - it’s Buster Lite.

Yeah that is what I’ve used, issue sorted now.

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