Pi4 Boot Pi3b+

Hi All
I have received my Pi 4b, none of the cards from my Pi 3b+ will not BOOT.
My question is: Should any of my Pi 3b+ Micro SD cards BOOT on my Pi4b 4GB?
I know some software may have issues but should any Pi3b+ Micro SD cards BOOT?

Only Raspbian Buster will boot on a Pi 4. Anything earlier like Jessie or Stretch will not boot on a Pi 4. .

Thank you for the reply, i was hoping to stick my amibian card in and make a performance comparison, I dont much use the Pi for anything else :(
Hope i dont need wait too long

You can get the Buster image here,

Buster will boot on any model Pi. Just flash the image to one of current cards with Etcher. That card can then be used in a Pi 3 or Pi 4.

Or wait for a new Amibian image to show up.