Accessing the SD card


I have my Rpi3 mounted on the back door of my picade, which works well and leaves plenty of room in the case for USB hubs etc.

The only downside is the SD card is impossible to access without unscrewing the Rpi from the door.

I’d like to make backup images of the SD card from time to time.

Someone suggested all that’s required are a few standoffs to slightly raise the pi from the door thus allowing the card to be removed without moving the pi.

From the instructions, it appears the Pi is fixed to the back door using M3 nylon bolts?

So my question is, do you think these would do the trick?


I have a Pi 3 mounted on the back door of my Picade with the standard screws.

Unless you have something else mounted on the back door blocking access to the Micro SD slot, you should be able to still remove the card. I use a pair of thin needle-nose pliers to pull the card out. It’s possible to do it with just your fingernails, but that would be more difficult.

If that doesn’t fix the issue, can you post a picture of the back door of your Picade?



A little overkill for just this one thing, but this is what I did…

It worked well while I had the Pi on the back door, but I’ve since moved it to the base because I hated how the HDMI cable would tork on the monitor connector. I think it’s much better on the floor and I’m still using the spacers to allow access to the SD card and adds ventilation below the Pi. WIN/WIN.


You may have solved your problem by now, but if not, get one of these

You’ll have to use an adapter, but most micro sd cards come with one anyway. It will make getting your card in and out so much easier.


Others have suggested that using these types of extensions could impact performance/stability of the communication, especially using very fast cards.

I’ve not tested it, so I have no real evidence. I will say that I’d never put something that long in my cab. There are some 4-6" cables that still use MicroSD on the receiving side which would be more aesthetically pleasing to me.


I’ve been using this one for months with an evo+ card and not had any issues. I can’t see what about it might cause issues, but I’m curious what has been said if you have a link.


This was the thread I was referring to:


Thanks. I wonder what the pimoroni guys think about it. Not enough to scare me off, maybe I’ve been lucky, but like I said, no issues yet. Worst comes to worst I just have to flash my image.


We’ll definitely look into them, but naturally have some concerns about how stable they’d be. They also don’t seem to have a good way of mounting to the cabinet. Has anyone come up with an elegant mounting solution? I guess a double-sided sticky pad would work in a pinch, but that feels a little makeshift.


I don’t actually have my pi screwed into the Picade. I just have it in the official case tucked in at the back of the cabinet. That way If I want to get the SD card or the Pi to use elsewhere its just the case of unplugging the cables. Makes it very easy to take the pi away to upgrade my retropie collection.

It maybe not as neat as screwing the pi in but it takes seconds to get out.