Adafruit LCD Not working

I am new to Raspberry Pi. I assembled the Adafruit LCD display step by step according to the documentation. It’s not working. No output at all.

However when I press the bottom button, the Raspberry Pi keep restarting. Any advice?

Here is the images

1st image
2nd image

The only thing that’s likely to cause that kind of problem is some bridge in the soldering. Try wetting the joints again to make sure there’s no traces of solder between them.

Also your joints on the underside (the long pads) could use a little more solder! The pad should be covered and “wick” up the pin like a little volcano!

This is the video that basically taught me to solder, I’d highly recommend it!

It’s a little long-winded, but thankfully you can skip around YouTube videos quite easily.

You should be touching the pad with the iron for a couple of seconds to heat it up, then touching the solder to the pad itself and not the iron. You only need the tiniest touch of solder on the tip of the iron itself, this acts as a very small thermal bridge to make it easier to heat the pad with the iron.

Think of it as a tool for heating up the joint until the joint itself can melt the solder, and not as a “paintbrush” for applying melted solder, and you’ll get much better results.

As Jon suggests, reheating the joints until they slurp down into a little cone shape can also help.