Faulty 8" LCD driver board?

I recently bought from Pi-Supply a Picade kit and I finally managed to assemble it last weekend.
Unfortunately the 8" LCD does not seem to work correctly: all I got is at best a washed out, fuzzy output.
I got in touch with Pi-Supply but they told me to contact you via the forum (I also sent this message to support@pimoroni.com)

I searched the forum and tried all I could:

  • I have double-checked and reseated the ribbon cable from the LCD to the driver board a couple of times to ensure it was well aligned ;
  • I have uncommented in config.txt hdmi_force_hotplug=1, then tried with max_usb_current=1, config_hdmi_boost=4, disable_audio_dither=1 ;
  • tried disconnection and reconnection of the HDMI cable, tried to with a different cable; double-checked all the connection and every cable is correctly in place.

The Raspberry is working fine if connected to a different monitor.
I’m using a Raspberry 3 with an official 2.5A power source.

The pictures in this thread shows what I’m experiencing with the output to the screen.

Could it be a faulty driver board? Can it be replaced if you think this is the solution?
Basically I’m now stuck with a dead cabinet :-(

Thanks for the support.


Case closed, thanks to the wonderful support of the Pimoroni people (thanks Steffen, Matt! :-) )
The LCD driver board was the culprit.