Bad display driver board for HDMI 8" IPS LCD Screen?

I just purchased the Pimoroni HDMI 8" IPS LCD Screen Kit (through Adafruit) and think I have a bad display driver board. The screen lights up when the board has power but it never gets a signal (using it with a Raspbery pi 4). Also, only the power button works on the little keypad that comes with it (I never see the menu), and the board gets pretty hot when plugged in. I have another screen that works with the pi so it looks like an issue with the new one.

The board is powered separately from the pi.

Any troubleshooting ideas? And if it’s a problem with the board can I replace
just that without getting a new screen too?

It’s hard to tell but the screen is illuminated- you can see the light by the ribbon cable.

Exact same behavior here. Powers on to lighter black, rear light shines. No luck with any reasonable combination of hdmi_mode or other config.

This is probably not what you want to hear but I never figured it out, ended up getting a replacement board. If you do get it working please post something here.