Have I killed my 8" display?

Hi all,
I have been using my 8" pimoroni display in my custom mini arcade for ages… we are away on holidays in a hotel and I picked up a cheap PS3 console. Unable to plug that in to test on the hotel TV I thought I would try plugging into the pimoroni display… ever since, I am unable to get an image or even the ‘no display’ to show on the display… could there be power or something going through the HDMI cable that has killed the driver board? Is there a reset or something on the board/display I can try?
When powered, the panel lights up (backlight?) and is a little brighter in the corners (which I dont remember seeing previously. I am hoping it is just a problem with the driver board that I could replace rather than having to replace the entire 8" panel and driver boards… any ideas?
Unfortunately, we are on holidays for the weekend because we are attending a Commodore 64 event tonight, and I was going to show off my Retropie mini arcade running C64 games… ahhr! it’ll be a no show tonight…