Is my LCD board bust? [SOLVED]

Been fighting with green pixel corruption, It looks like noise from somewhere. When I swapped out the supplied HDMI cable the effect is less pronounced but still there. I am running the display on a seperate 2a supply to make sure it was not a power issue. The RPi2 display is perfect if I connect it to one of my normal monitors. So I think the RPi2 is fine. I’ll attach a picture tomorrow.

In short, display quality is very poor and very dependant on which HDMI cable out of my collection but always there. Spent all evening playing with config files to try to fix.

What you think?

Here are a some pictures to show what I am getting. If I plug one of my other monitors in, the display is perfect. This is only with the display in my picade.

Would love to resolve this without having to start posting things too and fro. :(

That’s certainly interesting! Drop us an e-mail to and we’ll get you sorted out!

Fixed! :) Thanks.

I received the replacement 8" screen kit and my PiCade is now working a treat! :) I only had to swap over the control board. As I did not have to use the display panel I’ll put it all back in the box and post it back along with the dead control board. Maybe you can get something back from your supplier or if not use the spare panel for an in house product.

Many thanks for the help, now I can start to put the roms on it and make the guys at work jealous. ;)


I’m having EXACTLY the same problem with a Picade Cabinet I purchased through AdaFruit.

Their web site states that should I have a problem I should post in these forums.

Help please!

Heya! Sounds like we should try a replacement driver board. Can you e-mail with a link to this discussion please?

I did so.

In my case, I DO see everything on the screen. The problem is that it almost appears that I have the backlight bleeding through completely.

In other words I do see white text during bootup, but instead of a black background, the black screen area is lit up, much like what happens with backlight bleed through. The colors do not appear correct until the light starts to fade out if I shut off the display with the buttons. For an instant everything looks OK as the light levels diminish.

Unlike typical bleed through the entire screen is uniformly light.

No amount of adjustment of the controls corrects this.

Connecting the PI to a different monitor makes everything work correctly.

Likewise installing a different PI makes no difference. The screen also does the same thing when hooked up to a different device too ( I tried hooking up an Intel NUC computer to double check ).

I’m assuming you have reseated the ribbon cable from the LCD to the driver board a couple of times to ensure it is well aligned? :-)

Yes thanks.

That was one of the first things I tried.

Here is what I get…

That is odd, we’ll definitely try a replacement screen driver board!

Ok thanks.

How do I go about getting a replacement?


E-mail with address details/original order number and a link to this discussion please!



BTW: I did not get a reply, read receipt nor delivery receipt, etc. for the prior e-mail message.

We don’t have receipt confirmations enabled (who doesn’t already get enough junk e-mail in their lives?) :-)

Heh, understood.

This time I got an almost immediate response.

I appreciate the help.

VERY nice kit btw!

Received thank you.

The replacement worked perfectly without this issue.