PICADE Arcade Cabinet. White Screen with 8" LCD

Hi team, good morning.

I´ve gotten a Picade Arcade Cabinet last month (the order number is PI115506), and yesterday I had the necessary time for build it. Also, once the Picade has been successfully build and I try to turn on it, the lcd display only is showing to me a white screen. I’m using a Pi3, Recalbox 4.0, with the standard picade 8" screen and a 5.1v/2.5A Pi power supply.

I´ve tried to send the HDMI signal to an external TV and all it´s working fine, and also i´ve forced the HDMI output into config.txt file, and i´ve disconnect and connect again the lcd ribbon cable, but the result has been the same. Do you know if it could be a lcd issue?, or please, can you help me on this issue?.

Thank you very much in advance.
Best Regards.
Jose David.

Rule number one of troubleshooting: try it with something you’re sure does really work!

See what happens if you connect the LCD to your laptop/PC/games console.

Rule number two of troubleshooting: post pictures! It’s always easier to solve problems when you can see what you’re dealing with.

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Hi, good morning.

Yesterday, when I was making the photographs for send you it, I saw that the lcd ribbon cable seems a bit disconnected in one corner on the interface port, also I push it again into the interface and, SURPRISE!!!, this time was successfully and the lcd is working fine, also please, you can close the ticket.

Thank you very much for your time and support.

Best Regards.

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