Adafruit USB Power Gauge Mini-Kit rocks!


I just tried out my new Adafruit USB Power Gauge Mini-Kit, and it’s fantastic.

I’m building a project for which battery life will be critical, and I needed a quick way of measuring peak power usage.

The Power Gauge is perfect. I’m using the serial interface to capture the changing power consumption over time, and it’s really easy.

One potential gotcha: on my first attempt at assembly, I managed to insert and solder one of the USB connectors upside down. Doh! So check twice, solder once :)

But so long as you use the really clear assembly instructions at adafruit’s website, you can have a working gauge in 5 minutes or so, Outstanding.


I like the option for inline assembly, I’d not seen that before! I’m basically chief executive of splicing USB cables into interesting new configurations, so I’ve probably already got bits of cable that would work with it :D