Spring cleaning (Mini Hat Hack3r) to HAT Hacker HAT

So I have a Pi 3b+ mounted on the wall in my office. It serves as a local web server for some connected projects and powers my Mote lighting setup as well (plus buttons and a clock). For a while now I’ve been trying to figure out how to tidy the mess of cables and wires up and the HAT Hacker HAT has allowed me to do that. I had to rotate the clock in code but that only took all of 30 seconds thanks to Pimoroni’s excellent documentation. The new layout also allowed me to hide the USB cables behind the SKADIS pegboard that sits next to it :)

Worth every penny!



Only thing I want to figure out is how to get that micor USB power cable poking out at a right angle instead of straight up like that and then it’ll be “perfect”.

item like these , you can find them on amazon to,

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Cheers! I’ll have to pop one in my cart at some point soon!

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