Adapted For HD Python Scripts (Scroll-Phat-HD)

Hello to all,

I bought a Scroll pHAT HD last week and have been having great fun playing around with it. I saw some great projects in the Non HD github page… so I decided to convert them to run on the pHat HD.

All credit to the original people who wrote the code… they are far more talented than I. In most cases I only needed to change 3 or 4 lines to create a working script. I hope others will enjoy trying them out…

Alex Burns


I love that you ported these, I Wanted the weather script!

Thanks Burnte, glad you are enjoying them.

Hi love these. Is there a way of adding more than one RSS feed so it reads one after another. Thanks Carl

Yep should certainly be possible, what have you tried so far? I wonder whether just adding an additional URL separated by a comma might work.

Failing that adding a new function “Def get_data2()” then make sure msg = get_data() and get_data2().

Thankyou for the reply. I will try these out. I’m totally new to coding and picking it up slowly. Thanks again Carl.

Hello M Alexmburns.
I am currently using your code which displays the rss feed on a phat hd scroll.
However, I have a problem displaying accents with a rss news feed written in French.
I think that this file is in XML and encoded in UTF-8. (
How to correctly display text with accents? Or can we remove the accents?
Thank you

Should be a solution here, first thing I would do is try to reduce the size of the font and see if that solves it. Failing that I have definitely seen a library on github for a range of different characters (accents etc.)

Hope this helps.