Advice on Picade with VICE / C64 on Retropie

Many C64 games are happy with just a Joystick and a few keys from the keyboard (e.g. “Space” to start a game). A full keyboard is often not required.

Thanks to the new v2 firmware, it’s relatively easy to reprogram the Picade controls to support something like this. I haven’t tried yet, but I will attempt to create a “VICE” configuration soon.

What I need help on is this: How can I load the configuration into the Picade PCB whenever a VICE game starts, and reload my generic configuration as soon as the Retropie GUI loads again?

Has anyone tried something like this, possibly also with other emulators built into Retropie?

You could probably write a Python script to poll every so often and check if your emulator is running and then rebind the commands, as in @gadgetoid’s example here.

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