Picade and Vice64 - Joystick issues

I’ve just got a Picade all nicely built and running on a 3B+.

Mame is working absolutely fine however I’m having a couple of issues with Vice64.
It starts fine however when I press down on the joystick, it opens the menu. Pressing down again closes the menu. Also, Pressing up on the joystick when the menu is shown quits back to Emulation station.

Oddly, if I hold down down when I’m in the menu, the menu closes and the cursor moves down. Pressing up when not in the menu moves the cursor up.

Any ideas as to how I can fix this? I don’t want down to open the menu or up to quit the emulator!

I think the answer lies in the Retroarch configuration menus.

if you go to the retropie wikki I’m sure you’ll find the answers in there.

Thanks - indeed I did!